[REVIEW] Scrub Daddy

[REVIEW] Scrub Daddy

I watched an episode of Shark Tank when my husband and I were going through a phase of trying to figure out what shows we were willing to watch together when we had that extra time. We ended up shutting the cable off and switching to Netflix.

The episode featured a guy talking about a sponge. A sponge, okay? I thought what a total flop this is going to be. That is, until he started pitching his product. I was in total awe. I thought there is no way that product actually does all that it claims to do. It claims to scrub basically anything. Sounds familiar, right?

This sponge is an adorable, little yellow smiley face. It has two eye holes and a mouth hole that literally smiles at you. It can clean nearly anything. It gets soft in warm/hot water, and firm in cold water.

While shopping for cleaning supplies and other necessities at Kroger with my husband and our son, something yellow caught my attention.

GASP! It was Scrub Daddy!


I immediately “freaked out” and showed my husband the product and we reminisced about the time we watched it air together. I knew I had to try this product simply because I saw it on TV and I associate a very fond memory with this happy little sponge.

I could not wait to get home and wash dishes! I ripped that box open, filled my sink full of suds and went to town. Cue the fans, blowing hair, music, and bright lights. I found my new best friend! And it only cost me a mere $4! >Bargain<

I washed all of my dishes with it and told all of my friends about it because I loved it THAT much.

Then, it went downhill. Sort of.

The sponge started crumbling and it was not as firm as it once was. After about a week, Scrub Daddy lost his allure. I was sad. It was a sad breakup. I threw him away but….I bought another one. The level of awesomeness for the first week was worth the four bucks to purchase a replacement. Now, I will probably beg my landlord to fix my dishwasher before this one gives out because I cannot justify spending $16 dollars a month on a sponge product. I assumed it would last longer than a week.

I would just keep one of these on hand for really tough, impromptu jobs. I would not recommend this product for every day use as it will not hold up. The new one I bought is falling apart faster than the first one.

Scrub daddy is sad 😦

And so is my wallet.

Easy Guacamole

Easy Guacamole

Easy, Crowd Pleasy Guacamole

Somehow I acquired this guacamole recipe and I don’t remember why I even needed it but I made it for the first time about 5 hears ago for my new husband at the time and after his first bite I could tell he fell in love again! I tried several other versions of the heart healthy snack but I needed to be able to make it cheap, quick, easy, and often. Here it is! It takes about 5 minutes total. ENJOY!

Here’s what you need.


2 ripe avocados
Garlic salt (I only had garlic powder so I used that and added salt)
Lime juice (for flavor, and to keep the avocado from turning brown)

1. Cut open avocados lengthwise by inserting the knife in the top and rotating around the avocado.

[I wonder who decided to pick this thing and thought, that looks delicious… I mean, it’s green! And nevermind that weird, massive seed…]


I use a paper plate as a cutting board a lot if I can get away with it because I’m lazy and it’s easier to throw away than it is to clean, amiright?

2. Squeeeeeze the green stuff (I’m sure it has a name but who cares it’s yummy with or without a name, right?) Out of the skin into a container of your choice. I always use Tupperware for storage purposes. That is, if you can help from eating the total batch of deliciousness.


3. Mush the green stuff with a fork, potato masher, or whatever you prefer. Just don’t make a mess. The kitchen fairies probably slaved all day cleaning your kitchen and I guarentee they will haunt you. Been there.

4. Pour salsa, garlic salt, lime juice (real or processed, obviously real tastes much better but this is the quick version of the recipe!)


I poured too much salsa so… I just scooped it right out with a chip and helped myself. Yum!


Smush it all together and stir.


BAM! Emeril said!
It’s done. Takes a total of 5 minutes. That’s about all it takes to eat it all too if you’re not careful!

I will do a post on a less processed version eventually. But for the purpose of this recipe for my household, this one is the best!