Anything BUT Candy & Roses!

Anything BUT Candy & Roses!

 Valentines Day 101.

[For dummies men]


Valentine’s Day is not the one day Hallmark and Snickers came together to trick people into thinking they needed to spend a ton of money on calories, cards, and flowers that will eventually die. It is not the one day people “get” to show their other halves just how much they love one another because frankly, that should happen every single day of your relationship, right?

VALENTINES DAY is “just a day” you better not screw up if you don’t want to sleep on the couch for a week. It really is not that hard to just do something fantastic for your girlfriend once a year. If it makes you feel better, just call it “loves birthday”. You celebrate birthdays don’t you? Lord help you if you forget her birthday. Think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to freshen up your love. Call it whatever you want, do…

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