Essential oils for weight management

Essential oils for weight management


About a month ago my son and I came to a crossroads with his behavior and my patience. In his defense, he is only 3 and I am very high strung. I know there is nothing wrong with my child and he does not need any new forms of punishment, neither one of us need to be drugged by “BigPharma” and “this too shall pass” Because, it always does.

I began to research other ways to stabilize our clashing moods in a desperate attempt to rebuild our relationship. We really got to a dark place, him and I. It really frightened how much less I cared about all things including him as time went by. But I knew it was more me, less him. Marla, remember he is just a 3 year old boy!

I wanted this back

I scoured Pinterest for anxiety remedies and natural ways to calm young children and ways to help us both focus. Everything I found pointed straight to lavender. I thought, do I need a plant? I would totally kill a plant in record time and if that was my best bet I was so screwed.

My initial research led to finding all types of lavender on the market. I found blogs on the uses and benefits of lavender essential oil and I eventually got sucked into a black hole of everything else essential oils. I had so many tabs open I crashed my computer…. My work computer. Oopsie!

When I gather an interest in something I really go all out. In this case, literally. (Reference, computer crash). I read about all sorts of essential oils and their benefits had my head spinning like a top. I thought I could do so many things with these little amber bottles of smelly goodness.

The lavender actually seemed to help. I would put it behind his ears and in his bath before bed and before I knew it he was more calm and so was I. I was huffing these bottles left and right. I was all over the place, happy, energized, focused, and my fingers always smelled awesome! Ha!


For the sake of not making this post 10 miles long, as I have a tendency to want to do, I will skip the series leading up to the inspiration for what I am writing about today and I will fill you in later!

I went over to Amazon and looked through several brands of Essential Oils before I found one that fit my budget but also would be of quality. There are some brands like doTERRA and Young Living that cost a small fortune probably because they are sold by independent distributors. I hate those types of products. I have done several pyramid scheme gimmicks myself and the reality is, we can get the same thing for the same quality if not better for a fraction of the price elsewhere. But let me be clear, not all essential oils are created equally. Be very careful what you purchase and do your research.

I went with a starter set from Fabulous Frannie’s brand. Get it here. I read reviews on many different brands and this is the one that I found to be the one with the best at a fabulous price! I paid $40 dollars for 14 bottles of basically everything I was going to need for what I am sharing with you today. Other brands can cost you up to twice that price for….wait for it…. ONE bottle. Y’all can Sweeerveeeeee with that mess!

My new best friends!

Compare doTERRA and Young Living prices..

I totally did check out their sites for recipes and blends, however. I was quite skeptical as I am with anything that claims to offer weight loss because the realist in me knows there is NO quick fix. I knew I was going to have to commit to a healthier lifestyle either way. I feel like companies know that a healthy weight is on the top of everyone’s list and people will invest throw away money left and right for something that has enough fake testimonies.

SO! On to the guts [aren’t puns funny?] of this entry.

doTERRA has a blend called “slim & sassy” and there are many recipes for it on Pinterest so like the sucker for advertising that I am, I decided I was going to blend my Fabulous Frannie essential oils to make the same thing, well…a version, anyway.

This blend includes:

  • Cinnamon – inhibits fat cell growth, controls blood sugar levels.
  • Ginger – settles/calms stomach, improves physical energy.
  • Peppermint – focus, appetite suppressing.
  • Grapefruit – burns fat, flushes toxins, suppresses appetite.
  • Lemon – also burns fat and helps detoxify.

I went light on the cinnamon and peppermint because there’s nothing slim or fun about heartburn. Sassy, maybe.

I  was missing Cinnamon and Ginger from my initial purchase so I ordered those two a-la-carte.

WHEW does ginger essential oil stink to high heaven! They want you to drink this crap?? Naw, I kept on with my research and I found that you can get empty capsules and you could ingest them that way.

I found the capsules at the local health food store, a bag of 100 or so cost me around $5.

I’m having a hard time finding a glass medicine dropper to properly make my own bottle blend so I don’t have to carry all of these around with me. doing it each day in a capsule freehanded can be a bit messy but for now it’s all I’ve got.

I was carrying this super cute wallet for a while and then for Christmas my amazing husband got me a Michael Kors wallet. I had only had the other wallet for a short time and it still had great potential. I just couldn’t let it sit in the closet because I know my new MK would stand the test of time and I would never need a new wallet or to go back to the old one like, ever.

See how nicely they fit in there? And I keep my capsules in the change section with the zipper.

I sure do love my new wallet though! Thanks, hubby! You da best 😉

Now, for the what-for and how-to!

I usually fill my capsule with majority grapefruit, about 4-6 drops. Well, more like oozes. I follow with equal parts lemon as citrus has the most fat burning properties. Then ginger with about 3 drops, and 2 drops cinnamon and peppermint. It’s pretty important to go easy on the cinnamon when ingesting and peppermint will make your esophagus feel like you swallowed a tube of ICY HOT. Yikes!

So there it is. I have taken it mostly every day for about 2 weeks now and I have lost 4 pounds, I have actually had the desire to eat cleaner. My body doesn’t crave junk nearly as much and about 20 minutes after I feel uplifted, energized, and focused!

They say you can rub this blend on cellulite and other trouble areas but I have yet to make a lotion blend of this. I will let you know when I do!

Please again, exercise great caution when ingesting essential oils. Just because I have results with it does not mean it is for everyone. I would suggest consulting a physician before ingesting anything. Do as I say, not as I do!


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