Hopefully I can edit with pictures later.

I started putting this piece together BEFORE that Furniture Row truck pulled up. I was so excited! That lasted until they walked in and chipped… yes CHIPPED my wood stairs….That I rent. Dirty word!


So my husband of 5 years and I are finally getting our furniture delivered to our new apartment.


Wait. Did we not have furniture before? Did we have a home before?

No, yes/no. We were shacking up with our Momma’s. Classy.

I know, that sounds a bit strange. Let me bring Y’all up to speed on this, kay?

We are…were… young and stupid. End of story. Now, 5 years later we’ve finally got our big kid panties on and know how to conduct ourselves correctly in a marital setting.


We separated for various reasons, reconciled, separated, reconciled, separated, dated other people…for two whole years that time. 2 years, people. Never divorced. Why? I don’t friggin know. Our subconscious knows but a subconscious can’t talk… So, there’s that.

Moving tips. Pay for the delivery. (Get your money back since they screwed up your apartment) I had to sleep on my anger for a night before I called in order to not act a complete fool on the phone. I would have.

I have no tips really. Maybe organize in piles where you want to put your stuff or separate like items. I definitely would not recommend doing what I did and throw everything in the closet just to get it out of the way because that is exactly what I did. Stupid and lazy, I know, but I panic in rushed situations. You should have seen me failing trying to coupon this morning because of course the line gets long when Marla whips out the coupons. My couponing career is probably over to say the least! That will come in another post.

Anyway, back to the furniture thing. We went into furniture row after looking online for over a week and ordered what we wanted.


I wanted this couch…BAD.

We knew our new place was going to be small so we had to be creative when it came to storing our stuff. Colton picked a bedroom set that had extra drawers IN the bed. That was on back order so we had to wait. Thanks, Husband.  There was no word on how long we had to wait and even when it came close to a two week wait we still heard nothing. I kept calling, no word.

Finally after me calling a lot, they decided to give me the same set someone else had on Lay-A-Way. HALLELUJAH! We had been sleeping on the floor for a week or so. not fun.


When I got the call we were going to have our furniture in just less than 24 hours I did this ridiculous happy dance only my loving husband will ever see. I have no rhythm. And I am goofy.


The morning of delivery I was doing my hair to keep myself busy since I was so excited. After every curl I was peeking through the window to see if the truck was there. When it finally got there they asked me where I wanted everything, I told them and they started moving it in. Then S*!t got sour.

I see hear this heavy object falling down my rented staircase. It was a drill. He dropped his drill down my stairs. He wore a cowboy hat while moving heavy furniture and he dropped his drill down my stairs. I could have hit the ceiling. I went and sat myself down in the kitchen floor and watched the heat and air guys work while I calmed myself down. I let them put our bedroom and my sons slide bed together upstairs.




(It will look better when it’s all put together. Still waiting on my mirror and end tables.)

Time to move my awesome red couch in! The last piece in our order and one step closer to being done! As if my poor staircase hadn’t taken a big enough beating, they pushed the couch back and forth over the white rail. Long story short, the couch dye stained the white rail. Actually I can’t blame the couch, it was cowboys fault.



Couch does not fit through the front door where the staircase is. I suggest them using the back door and coming in through the kitchen. That works but not without another catastrophe. Yay for rain. Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes Fireball…..FIREBALL!

Oh sorry I got distracted, darn you bad habits.

Rain actually = mud. Lots and lots of mud.


They tracked mud all over the place. Did not even offer to fix what the messed up at the time, nor did they apologize about making my house a muddy mess. I have been having issues with my heat and air so the maintenance guys were there the whole time watching this literal mess go down. They even blessed my heart, how embarrassing!

I called furniture row and they told me to ask the landlord how much it would cost to fix the damages and they would send him a check. I would like my delivery fee waived but we can’t always get what we want I guess. I have grown more passive in my old age.

I have so much more to tell!



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